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Ataboy - Video

IBM Cloud helps clients make the right workload placement decisions in a seamless way without locking them out of quick turn innovation.
We created a hero video position the new IBM Cloud narrative of “and”, removing the need for clients to make difficult IT decisions and consistently choosing one “or” the other.
Due to the limited budget, we chose a combination of stock footage, IBM product graphics, and animated illustration to tell this story. We specifically avoided see-say with the stock footage and instead focused on the full story for “and” trade-offs for “or”. We used graphics created for other IBM products throughout this video to tell the cloud story because IBM Cloud is the basis of every product at IBM. We used animated illustrations to demonstrate the benefits to the clients in order to allow the viewer to relate them to their own business. 

“It’s very, very nice. You’ve come so far since I first met you. You’re focusing on bigger things that move the needle. Your work is now really sophisticated and smart. I feel like you’ve found your voice.” 
— Creative Director, IBM
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