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IBM Storage
What we delivered
Campaign toolkit

Social animations
3D graphics
Informational PDF
My Role
Associate Creative Director
Creative Director
Associate Creative Director
IBM Storage Fusion is software that works with Red Hat OpenShift to help clients keep their data organized and together as they develop their applications. It is a relatively new product for IBM, so in order to bring it to the forefront we worked with the internal strategy team to create an announcement campaign.
We created a 3D graphic system with accompanying 2D illustrations to communicate five major features of IBM Storage Fusion. These graphics became the basis of the campaign along with animated graphics for social application. 

3D animations
Created animations from the 3D animations with the overall campaign idea of satisfaction. These were developed for social application.
Informational PDF poster

We created an information leave behind PDF that illustrates the five features of IBM Storage Fusion using the graphics we developed with those five aspects in mind. 
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