Internal Client Partner 
What we delivered
Campaign toolkit
3D product renderings
3D graphic package

Product photography
Launch video

Social animations
My Role
Associate Creative Director
Global Creative Director
Creative Director
Associate Creative Director
Senior Designer
External Partners
CATK - Graphics

Spencer Lowell - Photography
Dress Code - Launch video
IBM Z is the number one product for IBM Infrastructure. Our team was in charge of the graphics and presentation for the launch. This included online/virtual content as well as a live event. 
We leaned into the hardware design of the product to design the entire campaign. We worked with Color and the Kids to develop 3D graphics that used the chevron door design as inspiration. We also developed a new identity for IBM Z. We updated the pictograms, colors, and illustrations to form the basis for an entirely new product identity.
Launch video
The launch video was written by my ACD partner and brought to life by a close relationship with Dress Code, Creative Leadership, and our internal production team. 
Product photography

I served as Art Director for the product photoshoot with our partner, Spencer Lowell. Used the product photography guidelines I developed alongside Spencer and his teams to ensure we were capturing photos that would sit alongside all other IBM photography. 
3D graphics
Worked with CATK to pull animated graphics as well as stills that could be used in social tiles as well as other IBM marketing communication to support the launch.
What sort of product launch would be complete without swag? T-shirts, notebooks, pens, and more were created to support in-person launch events as well as given to IBMers to show off their IBM Z pride. These items featured the z16 pictogram specifically created for this campaign.
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